Chic - One Night In Amsterdam

The Hitmaker. The band Chic, founded in 1976 by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, has established itself as one of the most influential formations in music history. Their first album marked their breakthrough in 1977 with the hit "Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)", which marked the beginning of Rodgers and Chic's influence on dance and pop music. This was followed by "Le Freak", probably Chic's biggest success. In addition to their own success, Rodgers and Chic also contributed significantly to the success of other artists such as Diana Ross, David Bowie, Sister Sledge and Madonna. Many other big stars have repeatedly drawn on Rodgers' compositions to create new hits. Queen, for example, based their 1980 hit "Another One Bites the Dust" on the striking bass line of "Good Times". The Sugar Hill Gang's song "Rapper's Delight" from the same year was a rap version of "Good Times". The New York new wave band Indeep also used the bassline from "Good Times" in 1982 in "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life". In February 2023, Rodgers was honored with two Grammy Awards: Best Electronic/Dance Album and Best R&B Song ("Cuff It") for his work with Beyonce on her 2022 album Renaissance, and he received the 2023 Grammy Award for Lifetime Achievement/Special Merit. "One Night in Amsterdam" is the unique live recording that captures the unforgettable Chic comeback concert from July 2005 at the Paradiso in Amsterdam. The setlist reads like a Chic greatest hits compilation and also includes some of the No. 1 hits that Nile Rodgers wrote for other world stars.

Chic - One Night In Amsterdam


1 x Color in Color, 180g Vinyl 


Side A

  1. Intro  
  2. Everybody Dance  
  3. I Want Your Love 
  4. Dance, Dance, Dance  
  5. Le Freak


Side B

  1. I‘m Coming Out 
  2. Upside Down  
  3. We Are Family  
  4. My Forbidden Lover  
  5. Good Times