V.A. - Viva La Cuba


Viva La Cuba.

Cuba the Caribbean island with rich history and cultural diversity, is known for its music that is loved worldwide. Cuban music reflects the soul and spirit of the country. From Afro-Cuban rhythms to Son and Salsa, it is more than entertainment - it is cultural expression. Cuba‘s musical history shows cultural influences from indigenous people, African slaves, European colonialists and Chinese immigrants. African roots can be seen in the rhythms and percussion instruments of Afro-Cuban music. European colonialists brought in styles such as danzón and habanera, which combined European melodies with Afro-Cuban rhythms. Chinese immigrants contributed stringed instruments such as the tres, which led to Cuban son. Cuban son, often referred to as the „soundtrack of Cuba,“ combines Afro-Cuban rhythms with European melodies and vocal styles. It influences many Cuban musical genres and became known worldwide through the Buena Vista Social Club. Cuban music has enriched the world of dance with Salsa. It inspires and fascinates people worldwide and deserves its place in the global cultural heritage.

V.A. - Viva La Cuba


1 x Colored, 180g Vinyl 


Side A

  1. Guajira Guantanamera - La Plata Sextette 
  2. Dos Gardenias - Conjunto Rojo 
  3. Veinte Años - Maria Teresa Vera 
  4. Chan Chan - Pepe Santos
  5. Besame Mucho - Trio San José
  6. Quizas Quizas Quizas - Los Panchos
  7. No Te Odio - Sexteto Borinquen


Side B

  1. Filiberto - Compay Segundo 
  2. La Vida Es Un Carnaval - Gloria Sura 
  3. Oye Cómo Va  - Tito Puente 
  4. ¿Quién Será?  - Nelson Pinedo
  5. Ave María Lola - La Sonora Matancera & Carlos Argentino
  6. Yerbero Moderno  - Celia Cruz
  7. Acuyuye - Johnny Pacheco