Haddaway - The Album

What Is Love.  In 1992, Haddaway was discovered by the German record company Coconut Records. It didn‘t take long for his cry „What is Love?“ to be heard for the first time and it hasn‘t died down to this day. Haddaway‘s debut single „What Is Love“ became a worldwide hit, reaching number 2 in Germany and the UK. In Germany, the single sold 900,000 copies. In the UK, the single received a gold record for a total of 400,000 units sold. It later rose to #11 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and was certified gold for 500,000 copies sold. By 1994, „What Is Love“ had sold 2.6 million worldwide, was #1 in 13 countries. Haddaway became one of the megastars of the Eurodance phenomenon. His next three singles also became international hits. His second single, „Life“, reached the Top 5 across Europe, #1 in Sweden and Finland, #2 in Germany, #6 in the UK and sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide. The ballad „I Miss You“ and the dance hit, „Rock My Heart“, also reached the Top 10 across Europe. His first LP, „The Album“ (in the US „Haddaway“), was a multi-million seller, reaching platinum status in Germany for 500,000 copies sold, gold in the UK and France. In 1998, „What Is Love“ was immortalised by the cult film „A Night in Roxbury“. The gag with the rhythmic head bobbing when „What Is Love“ is played became one of the first mass phenomena in the early days of the internet. To this day, every toddler in the US starts bobbing their head when they hear the song. Today, Haddaway lives in Kitzbühel, Austria. He is a player and sponsor of the Wolfins baseball club in Kufstein.  Together they became champions in the Tyrolean Baseball Regional League in 2020.

Haddaway - The Album


1 x Yellow 180g Vinyl 


Side A

  1. What Is Love  
  2. Shout  
  3. Yeah  
  4. Rock My Heart  
  5. When The Feeling‘s Gone


Side B

  1. Life
  2. Mama‘s House  
  3. Come Back (Love Has Got A Hold On Me) 
  4. Sing About Love  
  5. I Miss You