The Real Thing - Real Thing

Everything From Liverpool.  In 1970, Chris Amoo, Kenny Davis and Ray Lake formed the band The Real Thing in Liverpool. At first they covered American hits, taking their cue from The Temptations and The Four Tops. They performed in small clubs, but quickly made a splash with their own progressive soul style. The first record deal came quickly, as early as 1972, but quick success failed to materialize. The turnaround of the career began with the collaboration with David Essex. They went on international tour with Essex and gathered new strength to take off again. After Kenny Davis left the band, Chris‘ brother, Eddie Amoo, joined the band in 1976, finally giving them their long-awaited big break. You To Me My Everything stormed to the top of the UK singles charts, becoming the summer hit of 1976, a million seller and a classic. The follow-up Cant‘t Get By Without You also became a huge hit. The same year also sees the release of the first album Real Thing, which includes the two hits as well as a third British hit, You‘ll Never Know What You‘re Missing. To this day, remixes, features and cover versions of The Real Thing continue to reach the charts worldwide. Music journalist Paul Du Noyer once wrote about The Real Thing that the band‘s success was instrumental in restoring Liverpool‘s musical reputation in the 1970s. 

The Real Thing - Real Thing

Limited - First 1.111 units numbered 

1 x Marbled 180g Vinyl  


Side A

  1. Hallelujah Man  
  2. You To Me Are Everything  
  3. Topsy Turvy 
  4. (He‘s Just A) Moneymaker  
  5. Young And Foolish

Side B

  1. Flash  
  2. Can‘t Get By Without You  
  3. Why, Oh Why (Oh Why)  
  4. Keep An Eye (On Your Best Friend)  
  5. You‘ll Never Know What You‘re Missing