Wolfgang Petry - Wahnsinn - Kulthits für die Ewigkeit

Absolute „Wahnsinn“.  When Wolfgang Petry was discovered by Tony Hendrik and Karin Hartmann at a gig in the Forsbach discotheque „Whisky Bill“ in 1975, it was not foreseeable that he would rise to become one of the biggest German pop stars of all time and that his songs would become cult hits for eternity. Over decades, the Cologne-born singer won countless awards, broke records and amassed hit after hit. Another phenomenon of this unique career: many Petry songs, especially from the early days, only became absolute mega-hits and evergreens over the years - unusual for the fast-moving music business. With „Jeder Freund ist auch ein Mann“ (Every friend is also a man), he appeared for the first time on the ZDF Hit Parade on 31 July 1976 and took second place. The singles „Wenn ich geh‘“ and „Jessica“ were the next successes in 1981. Wolfgang Petry‘s best-of album „Alles“ was released in 1996 and sold more than two million copies, making it one of the best-selling music albums in the country to this day. With 83 chart weeks, „Die längste Single der Welt“ is a record-breaking perennial in the German singles charts and, with one million units sold, is also one of the best-selling singles in Germany. It was followed by sold-out tours with legendary concerts in the biggest stadiums in Germany. In September 2006, Petry celebrated his 30th anniversary on stage; to mark the occasion, he was awarded another platinum tuning fork. Petry, however, saw himself at the end of his career and withdrew completely for a few years. It was not until February 2014 that he was back and since then he has been regularly releasing new albums again, musically more multi-layered, sometimes also in English as the singer of the „Pete Wolf Band“. Wolfgang Petry has been married to his wife Rosemarie since 1972. The couple has a son, Achim Petry, also a singer and songwriter.

Wolfgang Petry - Wahnsinn -

Kulthits für die Ewigkeit


1 x Splatter 180g Vinyl  


Side A

  1. Wahnsinn  
  2. Ganz oder gar nicht  
  3. Der Himmel brennt  
  4. Sommer in der Stadt  
  5. Gianna  
  6. Mein Zuhause

Side B

  1. Tu‘s doch  
  2. Jessica  
  3. Ich geh‘ mit dir  
  4. Jeder Freund ist auch ein Mann  
  5. Was macht der Teufel (wenn wir uns lieben) 
  6. Wenn ich geh‘