Living Death - Protected From Reality

METAL!!!!!!!  Living Death was founded in 1980 by the brothers Reiner and Dieter Kelch in Velbert. With singer Thorsten „Toto“ Bergmann, second guitarist Frank Fricke and drummer Frank Schubring the first line-up was complete. In 1982 the band released their first self-titled demo. In response to US bands like Anthrax or Metallica, the band released the debut album Vengeance from Hell in 1983, making them one of the pioneers of trash metal in Europe. Living Death played an early mixture of extreme metal styles, especially thrash and speed metal. While the debut album is still criticized in retrospectives that the sound was poor and the guitar riffs were rather trivial, the following albums were much more aggressive, this was also due to transfers on the drums, in 1986 Atomic Steiff took over.  The album Protected From Reality, released in 1987, became a milestone for the band and has cult status to this day. Sound experiments were in the instrumental song Wood Of Necrophiliac, which added unusual doubled acoustic guitars with a distorted sound track. But above all, the track Eisbein (with sauerkraut) caused a furor. At that time it was completely new in the metal scene to record a fun song. Many imitators were to follow and Protected From Reality became Living Death‘s most successful record.

Living Death -

Protected From Reality


1 x Splatter 180g Vinyl  


Side A

  1. Horrible Infanticide (Part one)  
  2. Manila Terror  
  3. Natures Death  
  4. Wood of Necrophiliac 

Side B

  1. Vengeance (Horrible Infanticide Part two)
  2. Intruder  
  3. The Galley  
  4. War Of Independence  Eisbein (mit Sauerkraut)