Freddy Quinn - Jubilo


The Voice Of Desire.  

No other singer has achieved more number one hits in Germany to date than Freddy Quinn. In his extraordinary career, he sold more than 60 million records and is still one of the most successful pop stars in Germany and Austria, along with Udo Jürgens and Peter Alexander. His sailor ballads, composed and produced by Bert Kaempfert, Lotar Olias, Ernst Bader and James Last, among others, he performed in a deep baritone and let the listeners dream of the sea, the wide world and wanderlust. With titles such as „Heimweh,“ „Heimatlos,“ „Der Legionär,“ „Die Gitarre und das Meer,“ „Unter fremden Sternen,“ „La Paloma“ and „Junge, komm bald wieder,“ Freddy Quinn had six number one hits in the charts between 1956 and 1966 (he had a total of 26 placements in the German top ten) and was the most successful performer in the Federal Republic during this period. Quinn still has a great passion for the circus today. With spectacular and especially unsecured performances on the high wire, he impressed viewers for years in the popular Christmas show „Stars in der Manege“. 

Freddy Quinn - Jubilo

Limited - First 1.111 Units Numbered 

1 x Marbled 180g Vinyl  


Side A

  1. Heimweh (dort, wo die Blumen blüh‘n)  
  2. So geht das jede Nacht  
  3. Unter fremden Sternen  
  4. Heimatlos  
  5. Der Legionär  
  6. Rosalie  
  7. Einmal in Tampico  
  8. Irgendwann gibt‘s ein Wiedersehen 

Side B

  1. Junge, komm bald wieder  
  2. La Paloma  
  3. Die Gitarre und das Meer  
  4. Alo-Ahé  
  5. Melodie der Nacht 
  6. Nimm uns mit, Kapitän, auf die Reise  
  7. Mein Hamburg