Henry Mancini - Hollywood Dreams


King Of Easy Listening.

Seldom has film music been so popular and present as it is at the moment. Hans Zimmer and John Williams tour the world with a large orchestra, Ennio Morricone is paid homage with lavish shows, everywhere there are performances with the great soundtracks of film history. In this context there is no way around another grandmaster of film music: Henry Mancini. Four Oscars, 18 Oscar nominations and 20 Grammys have been accumulated by the son of Italian immigrants during his creative period. The song „Moon River“ from „Breakfast at Tiffany‘s“ and the theme song from the film „The Pink Panther“ are just a few highlights of the King Of Easy Listening. Many of Mancini‘s melodies from the series and movies like „Peter Gunn“, „Mr. Lucky“ or „Hatari!“ are still known by every child and can all be found on this album. 

Henry Mancini - Hollywood Dreams

Limited - First 1.111 Units Numbered 

1 x Marbled 180g Vinyl  


Side A

  1. Peter Gunn  From  „Peter Gunn“  -  Henry Mancini  
  2. A Profound Gass  From „Peter Gunn“  -  Henry Mancini  
  3. Baby Elephant Walk From ­ ­„Hatari!“  -  Henry Mancini And His Orchestra  
  4. Theme From „Hatari!“ From „Hatari!“  - Henry Mancini And His Orchestra  
  5. Moon River From ­„Breakfast At Tiffany‘s“  - Henry ­Mancini And His Orchestra And Chorus 
  6. Breakfast At Tiffany‘s From „Breakfast At Tiffany‘s“  -  Henry Mancini And His Orchestra 
  7. Snowfall  -  Henry Mancini And His Orchestra  
  8. Mostly For Lovers  -  Henry Mancini And His Orchestra 

Side B

  1. Days Of Wine And Roses  From „Days Of Wine And Roses“  -  Henry Mancini And His Orchestra And Chorus 
  2. Mood Indigo From  -  Henry Mancini And His Orchestra  
  3. A Cool Shade Of Blue  -  Henry Mancini And His Orchestra  
  4. The Pink Panther Theme  From „The Pink Panther“  -  The Leo Hills Orchestra  
  5. Just For Tonight  From „Hatari!“  -  Henry Mancini And His Orchestra And Chorus  
  6. The Brothers Go To Mother‘s  From  „Peter Gunn“  -  Henry Mancini  
  7. Dreamsville  From „Peter Gunn“ -  Henry Mancini  
  8. Mr. Lucky  From „Mr. Lucky“  -  Henry Mancini