The Beach Boys - Surfin’ Safari



When the brothers Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson, together with their cousin and a school friend, founded The Beach Boys in the early 1960s, it was not foreseeable that these smart boys from a ­sleepy suburb of Los Angeles would make music history in the next decades. They became famous with catchy melodies, four-part choral arrangements, unique harmony combinations and their „surf ­concept“. Soon the whole world was in Beach Boys and surf fever. The „Myth of California“, which today ­everyone associates with optimism, hedonistic pleasure without disturbing everyday worries and never-ending ­summer, was born.  Songs for eternity were released and with „Pet Sounds“ for many the most important music album of all times. The debut album „Surfin‘ Safari“ is the origin and already shows impressively from which ingredients legends are made.

The Beach Boys - Surfin’ Safari 


1 x Marbled 180g Vinyl  


Side A

  1. Surfin‘ Safari  
  2. County Fair  
  3. Ten Little Indians  
  4. Chug-A-Lug  
  5. Little Girl (You‘re My Miss America)  
  6. 409 

Side B

  1. Surfin‘   
  2. Heads You Win, Tails I Lose  
  3. Summertime Blues  
  4. Cuckoo Clock  
  5. Moon Dawg  
  6. The Shift