B. B. King - The Art Of Blues


The Blues Boy.  

Next to Albert King and Freddie King, B. B. King is one of the „three kings of electric blues“. Born on the Mississippi, grown up with gospel and jazz music, the young Riley Benjamin King, as he is known by his real name, got his own radio show where he played guitar and started to develop his own style. Soon King dominated the R&B charts, and later the pop charts with his style of blues. He ignored the Rock-N-Roll era, let the folk music boom pass by, refused pop music, stayed true to himself over the decades and played legendary concerts for over 60 years without a break. Many of his interpretations like Every Day I Have The Blues, Sweet Sixteen or 3‘ O Clock Blues are legendary today.  He even nicknamed his Gibson guitar „Lucille“. Slightly greyed, he played his guitar for U2 and recorded a whole album with Eric Clapton.  B. B. King won 15 Grammys in his career, is the part of the Blues Hall Of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. Rolling Stone Magazine lists him as number six of the 100 best guitarists of all time.

B. B. King - The Art Of Blues 


1 x Marbled 180g Vinyl  


Side A

  1. Every Day I Have the Blues  
  2. Sweet Little Angel  
  3. Please Love Me  
  4. 3 O‘ Clock Blues  
  5. Woke Up This Morning  
  6. Bad Luck  
  7. You Upset Me Baby  
  8. Ten Long Years  

Side B

  1. You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now  
  2. Sweet Sixteen  
  3. Driving Wheel  
  4. It‘s My Own Fault, Baby  
  5. Don‘t Touch  I‘m King  
  6. Don‘t Cry Anymore  
  7. Bad Luck Soul