Celia Cruz - Azucar & Salsa


The Queen Of Salsa.

What would Salsa be without her cult icon Celia Cruz?  Nothing! Born in Cuba, she became a star in her home country in the 1950s and is still the most popular artist of Cuban music today. After the revolution, outcast by Fidel Castro, Celia Cruz became a megastar from her American exile, first in the USA and later also in Europe. She established herself mainly as a ­charismatic stage star with garish costumes and extroverted performance, thus infusing the rather reserved, western world with Cuban joie de vivre. Through her Salsa became known outside of Cuba and popular all over the world. Celia Cruz has recorded 70 albums in her career, won three Grammy Awards and four Latin Grammys.

Celia Cruz - Azucar & Salsa


1 x Marbled 180g Vinyl  


Side A

  1. Ritmo De Mi Cuba   
  2. Ahi Na Ma   
  3. Sigo Esperando   
  4. Tumba La Caña Jibarito   
  5. Guantanamera   
  6. Qué Bella Es Cuba   
  7. No Hay Nada Mejor   
  8. Resurge El Omelenkó

Side B

  1. Madre Rumba   
  2. El Lleva Y Trae   
  3. Rock And Roll   
  4. Contestación De „El Marinero“   
  5. Yerbero Moderno   
  6. Pa‘ La Paloma  
  7. Muñecas Del Cha Cha Cha   
  8. Mi Amor..Buenas Noches [Con Carlos Agentino]