Rosenstolz - Wolkenschiffe


The Beginning Was Shrill!

The Berlin duo Rosenstolz with singer AnNa R. and songwriter Peter Plate shaped the beginning of the 2000´s like hardly any other German formation and are to this day the most successful German pop duo. Sexual tolerance, poetry, equality between man and woman, „posh- pop“ are the catchwords. Already in the 1990s a first, firm fan circle developed and Rosenstolz became an insider tip. Her songs from the early days were more experimental, a liaison of chanson and pop, the lyrics often ambiguous, obscene and beautiful. With the LP Wolkenschiffe these songs appear for the first time as a numbered edition on vinyl.  Since 2012 the duo pauses indefinitely. As a composer Peter Plate is still extremely successful. Only this year he wrote the hit Vincent together with Sarah Connor.

Rosenstolz - Wolkenschiffe


1 x Marbled 180g Vinyl  


Side A

  1. Lachen  
  2. Die Zigarette danach  
  3. Nur einmal noch  
  4. Nymphoman  
  5. Kuss der Diebe  
  6. Strahlende Nächte  
  7. Ich zieh‘ mich an (und langsam aus)


Side B

  1. Lebend erwacht  
  2. Die Dame von der Akademie  
  3. Beisse mich!  
  4. Traum vom Fliegen  
  5. Sei mein Gott  
  6. Sanfter Verführer  
  7. Mittwoch is‘ er fällig