Elvis Presley - G.I. In Germany



Elvis In Germany.

Elvis Presley enlisted in the US Army in 1958 and served in Germany for 18 months. His rank was sergeant and he was stationed in the 3rd Armored Division in Friedberg. During his time as a soldier, Elvis led a relatively normal life, performing military duties such as guard duty and vehicle maintenance. However, he continued to play music and even formed a band with some of his comrades called „The Tennagers“. Elvis‘ stay in Germany also had a great influence on his career. He met his future wife Priscilla here and developed his style and preference for European fashion. He also became aware of the German folk song „Muss i denn“ and decided to record his own version, releasing it under the title „Wooden Heart“. The song became a symbolic song for Elvis‘ time as a soldier in Germany and still has a special meaning for his German fans. 

Elvis Presley - G.I. In Germany


1 x Marbled 180g Vinyl  


Side A

  1. Arrival in Friedberg / Germany  
  2. Muß i denn, muß i denn... [Wooden Heart]  
  3. Frankfort Special  
  4. Tonight Is So Right For Love  [G´schichten aus dem Wiener Wald]  
  5. Blue Suede Shoes  
  6. Jailhouse Rock  
  7. Tutti Frutti  
  8. A Big Hunk O` Love  
  9. Don’t  She‘s Not You  
  10. Good Luck Charm  

Side B

  1. G.I. Blues  
  2. My Wish Came True  
  3. Fool Such As I  
  4. No More [La Paloma]  
  5. I Need Your Love Tonight  
  6. What’s She Really Like  
  7. Return To Sender  
  8. Stuck On You  
  9. Surrender