Buddy Holly - My Life


The Day The Music Died.  

Buddy Holly is one of the greats of ­music history. He is one of only eight artists overall that Rolling Stone magazine includes on all three top lists, 100 ­Greatest Musicians, 100 Greatest Songwriters and 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. Holly‘s influence on the ­development of rock music was considerable. He was the first to establish the standard formation of a rock band with lead ­guitar, rhythm guitar, bass and drums, which is how the Beatles adopted it. The Rollings Stones opened many of their ­concerts with the Buddy Holly song Not Fade Away. There is a Broadway musical about Buddy Holly, an ­Oscar-nominated motion picture, and a number of famous songs. The album My Life is a compilation of Holly‘s greatest hits. was closed.

Buddy Holly - My Life


1 x Marbled 180g Vinyl 


Side A

  1. t´s So Easy  
  2. That´ll Be The Day  
  3. Oh Boy!  
  4. Ready Teddy  
  5. Rave On  
  6. Peggy Sue  
  7. You‘re So Square (Baby I Don‘t Care)  
  8. Everyday  
  9. True Love Ways  
  10. I´m Gonna Love You Too  
  11. Well... All Right  

Side B

  1. Raining In My Heart  
  2. It Doesn´t Matter Anymore  
  3. Words Of Love  
  4. Heartbeat  
  5. Not Fade Away  
  6. Think It Over  
  7. Maybe Baby  
  8. Fool´s Paradise  
  9. Early In The Morning  
  10. Take Your Time  
  11. Blue Days - Black Nights